Ni Luh Nyssa Divana

S1 Fisika Peminatan Geofisika
Universitas Mataram 2018

I am a bachelor of science who has a passion for HSE. I have a science background that allows me to solve problems with a clear and logical mind with a drive to see things through to completion. As an FGWLP graduate, I have a good understanding of the concepts of an adequate basic safety program, roles and responsibilities of HSE personnel, the strategic role of leadership and the importance of influence, required to build and strengthen safety culture.

Naura Dhia Boneta

D3 Environmental Engineering and Management 2021 

Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB)


An associate degree fresh graduate, majoring in Environmental Engineering and Management of IPB University Vocational School. I’m a hard-working person, a quick learner, and eager to learn new things and experience. Familiar with environmental management; hazard identification, risk assessment, and determining control; wastewater treatment; hazardous waste; CAD drawing.



Angkatan 6 (Periode pelatihan September s/d Nopember 2022)
Dijalankan secara TATAP MUKA. Kelas dimulai 1 September 2022.

Kalau Anda Fresh Graduate yang ingin berkarier di industri, by law anda pasti membutuhkan ilmu dan keterampilan K3L (Keselamatan Kesehatan Kerja dan Lingkungan Hidup).  Setelah 3 bulan mendalami K3L di pelatihan FGWLP, jurusan apapun anda, anda akan memiliki 2 peluang kerja. Kalau anda engineer, anda akan siap menjadi Personel K3L yang Engineer, anda juga siap menjadi Engineer yang berK3L kuat.  Hanya di FGWLP program CSR GRATIS PT Indoshe.